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Classic Latino Tunes at the World Theatre: Quinteto Latino -- Why We Need Abuse Education -- What You Otter Be Doing! March 16th - April 13th -- Social Justice Takes Center Stage: Film screenings, art talks, and a Pulitzer prize winner, Viet Thanh Nguyen will join the Social Justice Colloquium -- How to Honor Chavez? Serve! Catalyst Center holds week of events to recognize Farm Workers Leader and Activist Cesar Chavez -- Ethics Forum Talks Privacy: Panel debates whether privacy in the digital generation is possible or ethical -- Seaside Main Gate Forum Postponed -- Baseball Player Profile: Hayden Duer -- Music Majors Are Playing the Hits: Students perform music's most popular songs in the Music Department's weekly recitals -- Otter Rugby Terrorizes Tigers -- Otters Fail to Find Their Groove -- A Man on a Mission -- What Was Fort Ord? 9 historical facts Cal State Monterey students may not know about the base that stood long before the University was created -- Quinteto Latino: Quintet Plays of Music and Culture -- What to Do Spring Break 2017: A couple of suggestion on making the most of those 5 days of freedom -- Otter Ebert: An Otter Gag: Tapping Into the President's Office: President Ochoa Accuses Former CSUMB President of Wiretapping -- TV Series: Big Little Lies: How many lies does it take to make a big one? -- Now that the Light Is Fading: Review of Maggie Roger's Debut Album -- Chief Eats: Lilify & Bright Coffee -- And the Awards Go To -- An Otter Response: Why I Left the Left -- An Otter's Opinion: Baseball, Time for a Fix -- Every Vote Counts: Getting Ready for the AS Election -- A.S. STANDS Up: Preventing Tuition Increases -- The Art of Kinky Sex : Stress and anxiety can be an easy road to drift down. Read how one CSUMB's student's erotic experimentation helped reduce hers -- Fun & Games: Movies of March, Would You Rather? -- Ideas for Spring Break -- A Memorable Spring Break Otters of the Bay

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California State University, Monterey Bay; College student newspapers and periodicals; Seaside (Calif.)





Otter Realm, March 16, 2017



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