RND Amphitheater

RND Amphitheater


Inquiring About RND Amphitheater? Watch and Read These First

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360-degree photo of RND Amphitheater

If you are curious about the “why” of naming the RND Amphitheater using my initials instead of my name, it was because I wanted you to watch the videos on this page. The RND Amphitheater is named for me (Robert Nathan Danziger), and because I spent so much of my life doing Research and Development (R&D). There are also links on this page to my CV and related materials. The Dean’s Suite is named for Dr. Martha Drexler Lynn, my wife. Dr. Lynn’s CV is also linked on this page.

  1. Watch the Voyager Story Produced for the RND Amphitheater

  2. Watch Bob Danziger's 2013 Commencement Speech
  3. Watch Bob Danziger's Honorary DFA Speech
  4. Martha Drexler Lynn Cirriculum Vitae

  5. Robert Danziger Cirriculum Vitae, And Supporting Materials
  6. RND Amphitheater and Martha Drexler Lynn Dedication Ceremony

  7. Bob Danziger Interview For Jazz and the Brandenburg Concertos

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