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Spring 3-8-2022

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Human Communication

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HCOM 110

Context of Activity or Assignment

This is an in-class activity I created for HCOM 110, Fundamentals of Speaking and Listening, to invite students to closely examine how speakers utilize a variety of evidence in their speeches. In this case, the speaker is giving a TedTalk on a topic many students are interested in: boy bands and "fan girls." This activity and the accompanying worksheet could be adapted for use with another TedTalk or speech video on any topic.

Purpose of Activity or Assignment

Students will recognize the importance of having a diversity of sources in oral communication.

Potential Pitfalls and Teaching Tips

The TedTalk I've shaped the assignment around might be considered a bit lengthy. It might be helpful to switch it out for a shorter video if class time is a concern.

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Undergraduate Learning Outcome

ULO 1: Intellectual Skills

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Final Deliverable


Exploring Types of Evidence in Oral Communication