The CSUMB ULO assignment guides, rubrics, and threshold concepts were informed by the AAC&U VALUE Rubrics and were created by interdisciplinary teams of CSUMB faculty in response to institution-level assessment of student work. Faculty and other campus educators can use these tools to

  • Help students achieve activity, course, and program learning outcomes
  • Develop a shared understanding of CSUMB's ULOs
  • Help students apply and transfer learning across courses and contexts
  • Streamline assessment and grading of student achievement
  • Assess student achievement of course and program learning outcomes


Browse the ULO Assignment Guides, Rubrics, and Threshold Concepts Collections:

CSUMB Assessment Philosophy and Practice

CSUMB ULO Threshold Concepts

Using Assessment Results at CSUMB

Holistic Alignment at CSUMB

ULO 1 - Critical Thinking

ULO 1 - Information Literacy

ULO 1 - Oral Communication

ULO 1 - Quantitative Reasoning

ULO 1 - Written Communication

ULO 2 - Personal, Professional, and Social Responsibility

ULO 3 - Integrative Knowledge