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California Polytechnic State University


San Luis Obispo, California

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Faculty Mentor

Danielle Burchett


MMPI-2-RF, Uniform T Score, Raw scores


Given the disconnect between the scale versions used by researchers and clinicians, we were interested in comparing the psychometric properties of MMPI-2-RF substantive scale raw and Uniform T scores within a sample of psychiatric forensic inpatients who completed the measure in a valid manner. To our knowledge, the impact of using raw versus Uniform T scores in MMPI-2-RF research has not been independently empirically examined. Given the change in distribution properties inherent in standardizing raw into T scores, we hypothesized that there would be meaningful differences in score distributions (e.g., skewness, kurtosis), scale intercorrelations, and correlations with relevant psychiatric diagnostic criteria, with raw scores exhibiting a more normal distribution and stronger correlations, as compared to Uniform T scores.



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