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Josephine Chau was born in Utah, then moved to Colorado at the age of six. She then moved back to Utah for college then moved to the east coast, where she now resides in Maryland. Both her parents are immigrants, her dad is from China and her mom is from Hong Kong. She is bilingual in Chinese and English. Josephine is married with one daughter. She has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Her career was in the information technology department at the University of Maryland. She is now retired.

Thematic Summary

[00:00:59.510] Josephine gives a quick briefing on herself and where she is from. [00:04:09.630] She discusses where her parents are from and her experiences as a child. [00:23:55.380] We discuss her daughter and her first and middle names. [00:38:20.410] Josephine talks about her bachelor’s degree and career in chemical engineering. She also gives her advice and experiences in college. [00:46:53.740] Josephine discusses the effects of COVID-19 on college students and support that may be necessary for students under a lot of stress. She then talks about advice that she would give herself if she could go back and talk to her college self. [00:57:06.270] She talks about the gender inequalities at the university where she studied chemical engineering. [00:59:32.940] Josephine discusses her experience in the Auntie Sewing Squad. [01:06:54.460] She finishes the interview with her final thoughts on civil rights and politics.

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Ariana Moniz; Janelle Weinert

Interview with Josephine Chau

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