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Auntie Heidi Rand grew up in New Jersey and moved to California after college. Today, she resides in El Cerrito. She has been organizing with Indivisible East Bay since 2017, resisting the Trump administration and GOP. She’s on the Governance Committee and among other things, and works on the small team that writes, edits, and publishes our weekly newsletter, and articles to the Indivisible East Bay website.

Thematic Summary

[00:00:50] Auntie Heidi Rand talks about her family’s involvement in sewing and how she learned. [00:02:36] Auntie Heidi Rand discusses her take on the COVID-19 pandemic and how the government could have handled it differently [00:07:47] Auntie Heidi Rand describes her role in the Indivisible East Bay newsletter. [00:14:39] Auntie Heidi Rand explains her mask-making journey and her knowledge of masks [00:27:42] Auntie Heidi Rand gives us insight into her opinion on the presidential election and the propositions in California [00:31:43] Auntie Heidi Rand paints a picture of what she thinks the future will look like for Indivisible East Bay, considering the change in presidential administration [00:33:09] Auntie Heidi Rand gives us her closing message.

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Nick Castro; Nate Walton

Interview with Heidi Rand



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