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Sylvia Kwon has been living in California for 20 years but she grew up in the Midwest. Her parents are first generation Korean immigrants. She started sewing for her son's ballet studio and ever since then found interest in sewing, she’s very creative and learned how to sew on her own and started with very little basic things. Sylvia Kwon is very centered around her community; she not only helped sew costumes for her son's ballet studio but has also sent around face masks that she’s made. She’s made over 1000 face masks as well as sewn a quilt for a school fundraiser.

Thematic Summary

In this first section she starts off by explaining how she started sewing when her son started ballet classes eight years ago (01:43). Kwon discusses how she became involved in sewing to help other communities who were in need and how she was able to get a hold of materials (05:55). Both her sons and husband helped Kwon with shipping out masks and they all contribute to help her get small things done such as cutting elastic and taking them to get shipped out (08:07). Next she discusses the differences between large Auntie hubs in cities as opposed to her own location, Davis, removed from hubs (09:04). Kwon considers the aunties in the auntie sewing squad like family in a way and they have groups on social media where they all try to connect (11:02). The last part of our interview just wrapped up basic information about the interviewers (16:04-19:00).

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Adrian Arredondo Gomez; Melissa Horta Gutierrez

Interview with Sylvia Kwon



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