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Katy Korkos is an artist, sewer, restaurant owner, and now blissfully retired. She is of Jewish descent, born and raised in the Bay Area of California but currently resides in New Mexico. From her early years of adolescence, Korkos was an activist with her family, fighting for people's civil rights and freedom, and doing anything possible to make this world a better place. She fights for what she believes in and continues to try and spread positivity. She spends her days reading up on latest issues and making masks for the people that need them. Korkos joined the Auntie Sewing Squad for their passion, dedication, and organization, and for those very reasons she chooses to stick with them till the very end. Korkos is a prime example that we should never stop learning, seeking answers to difficult questions, and never give up hope.

Thematic Summary

Korkos discusses her Jewish background, her grandparents’ migration from Eastern Europe, and growing up in the Bay Area. Korkos explains how her whole family were activists because of how society had treated Jews. Her first protest was actually when she was sixteen with her whole family, they marched from the ferry building to Kazar stadium with 200,000 people in April 1967, alongside marches all over the country against the Vietnam War. Then Korkos discusses her start in sewing and how she’s made up to 720 masks during the pandemic. Then the conversation moved on to discussing the pandemic, the current political climate, and critique of capitalism. Education was the next topic, Korkos said there should be an easier way to access every ethnic history at any time period. Then Korkos ended with a story of her most memorable moment as a part of the sewing squad.

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Jennifer Villa; Gioana Perez

Interview with Katy Korkos

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