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Dr. Grace Yoo is a Korean American who was raised in southern California and currently teaches in the Asian American Studies Department at San Francisco State University. She has two sons that helped her with the mask-making process during the summer. She also encourages her students to be advocates and get involved with each other and the community.

Thematic Summary

(01:11) Grace Yoo discusses how the start of the pandemic was an anxiety-producing time. (06:37) Yoo recounts her journey with the Auntie Sewing Squad, how she got students involved, and how her family supported her sewing. (16:31) Yoo explains that anti-Asian hate is nothing new and the only difference now is that other communities are now expressing solidarity with Asian American communities (22:47) Yoo believes that all Asian Americans are confronted with “foreigner” stereotype. (26:11) Lastly, Yoo expresses her delight over the increase in the popularity and acceptance of Korean and Asian culture in the West, citing things like BTS and famous Korean dramas as influencers.

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Kat Patrice; Jaspreet Klair

Interview with Grace Yoo

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