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Anne Bagasao is a wedding planner in Southern California who got involved with the Auntie Sewing Squad during COVID-19. She is a daughter of a Filipino father who migrated from the Philippines as one of the first “Manongs” in Los Angeles and an Appalachian mother from the rural midwest. Her role in the Auntie Sewing Squad is a Super Auntie, a founding Auntie who expedites and distributes, for her section in South Pasadena.

Thematic Summary

00:00:38 Anne Bagasao discusses her family’s history in Los Angeles, her role as a Super Auntie in the Auntie Sewing Squad and reminisces about the first days of trying to scramble for mask-making material. 00:11:31 Bagasao discusses how COVID 19 has positively affected her focus on mutual aid but has negatively affected her daughter’s growth. 00:16:40 Her favorite part about being in the Auntie Sewing Squad is the fact that she educated so many other women on racial justice. 00:28:20 Bagasao discusses the importance of community building. 00:31:47 Bagasao discusses her view on the recent spike of Asian hate crimes and what it was like growing up as a mixed-race person.

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Kayla Dizon; Jacelynn Esteban

Interview with Anne Bagasao



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