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Born near Palm Springs in a small town called Banning, California,Vibrina Coronado came from a multicultural background; her father was Mexican American and her mother was American Indian. Vibrina Coronado received her Master’s Degree from New York University in Performance Studies. During this pandemic she joined the Auntie Sewing Squad and made masks to help out communities in need and hospitals because they felt that the government was not providing people with the proper protection. Today Vibrina sews and designs clothing and has even sewed a wedding dress. Coronado also helps out individuals coming from recovery from substance abuse.

Thematic Summary

(1:17) Vibrina Coronado discusses her personal background and mentions she lives in a small town called Pembroke in rural North Carolina. (13:09) Vibrina discusses how her parents faced discrimination challenges. (28:18) Vibrina talks about how she faced discrimination at a produce store when she was trying to purchase tomatoes. (35:55) Coronado mentions the traditions her and her family follow and shares a story about Easter when her family decided to have the children hide the eggs and have the adults look for them. (1:01:23) Vibrina discusses how she heard about the Auntie Sewing Squad and why she decided to join. (1:10:06) Vibrina mentions where she obtained her materials to make masks for people in need and gives us and the future generation advice.

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Shakyra Lopez-Valdez; Sophia Vargas

Interview with Vibrina Coronado



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