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Laura Karlin is the artistic director at Invertigo Dance Theatre, a nonprofit organization that she started in 2006 and is part of the Auntie Sewing Squad where she has worked up to be a Super Auntie, in charge of organizing masks campaigns for farmworker communities. She is passionate about her work at her studio, her newborn baby, Juniper, and being an Auntie by making and producing hand salves. Karlin is an example of a strong woman that does not quit when she puts her mind to something.

Thematic Summary

(00:01:07) Karlin describes her childhood growing up, where she lived, what her passions were and her pursuit of starting her dance company, Invertigo Dance Theatre. (00:10:24) Karlin goes into detail about her start of the Auntie Sewing Squad, how her hand salve production became a part of Auntie Care, and her initiation to becoming a Super Auntie of the Auntie Sewing Squad. (00:24:31) We learn Karlin’s favorite parts about the Auntie Sewing Squad, how she is inspired by the Aunties, and some of the women of color writers that she admires. (00:33:00) Karlin shares her hobbies of staying environmentally conscious by using low-waste strategies such as reusable diapers for her baby, reusable cloth masks, making her own yogurt, almond milk, kimchi, and more. (00:45:23) Karlin wraps up the interview by describing what she wants people to remember about the Auntie Sewing Squad and asking what the interviewees have learned about humanitarianism during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Lindsey Cowans; Sierra Shaver; Corinn Biglin

Interview with Laura Karlin



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