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Janet Cowperthwaite graduated from college at San Francisco State University and has now been a San Francisco resident for 40 years. She is an arts manager for the nonprofit organization, Kronos Performing Arts Association. She serves as a Caring Auntie in the Auntie Sewing Squad.

Thematic Summary

Cowperthwaite begins by sharing about her role as a Caring Auntie in the Auntie Sewing Squad and her participation in the Bay Area Hub. (00:06:08) Cowperthwaite discusses her college experience, entrance into arts management career and how her role as an arts manager led her to a unique film collaboration with the Auntie Sewing Squad called Radical Care. (00:12:40) She talks about future plans in helping out the community through her Kronos organization. (00:16:48) Cowperthwaite summarizes the Auntie Sewing Squad in an elevator speech and discusses her plan to conduct an oral history project with the Kronos Performing Arts Association. (00:20:30) Cowperthwaite ends by sharing about her volunteer work as a former candy striper and as a mom to a daughter in girl scouts.

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Nicholas Romero; Carlos Lopez

Interview with Janet Cowperthwaite



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