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Lisa Prostak grew up in Medford, Massachusetts in an Italian family then later moved to Randolph, Massachusetts. She is very family-oriented and has three grown children. She works as a science teacher at a private elementary school with the hope to impact future generation’s relationship with science. She usually knits but when the Covid-19 pandemic began she made masks for her family and friends, then wanted to donate to medical personnel which led her to join the Auntie Sewing Squad when she saw them on Facebook. With more time, she wants to become more involved in women’s rights activism.

Thematic Summary

Lisa Prostak discusses the Auntie Sewing Squad (0:00 - 6:11). She then delves into the current Covid-19 pandemic and what we can do moving forward (6:12 -13:06). She speaks about women’s rights activism (13:07 -19:46). She then describes her community growing up and her current one (19:47 - 24:40). She describes her evolving relationship with politics (24:41- 31:55). She then states her opinions on the current political climate (31:56 - 43:47). Prostak makes an ending statement about what she hopes for the future (43:48 - 45:28).

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Jessica Morales Rodeles; Hana Moyle

Interview with Lisa Prostak



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