Document Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Science & Environmental Policy


nchor damage is a global as well as a local issue. Countries around the world are beginning to recognize damage done to sensitive marine habitats as a result of dropping anchors. Damage may also be occurring to the shalebeds off Del Monte Beach in Monterey, California. As vessels drop anchor near Monterey Harbor, stress is added to the shalebeds which may result in high relief ledges becoming rubble piles. Th shalebeds are underwater structure which offer shelter to a wide range of marine species. My general approach was to find out if vessels are anchoring on the shalebeds and if so, propose alternative locations for anchoring. I used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Acoustic Remote Sensing Data to distinguish between high relief areas most susceptible to anchor damage and low relief and sandy areas that still meet the anchoring requirements of vessels. I contacted various organizations that shared relevant information about current anchoring criteria and sites near Monterey Harbor. Based on this information, I used Arch View and TNT Mips to create maps displaying alternative anchoring sites. I recommended alternative anchoring locations in sandy areas adjacent to the shalebeds' high and middle relief structures which minimize damage to the shalebed habitat while meeting anchoring criteria for vessels.


Capstone Project (B.S.) Earth Systems Science & Policy Institute