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Capstone Project

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Humanities & Communication


The only part of the vision that I think is alive is the constant questioning of where is the vision. In other words, there is still enough memory in this place for people to invoke the vision statement when they're disappointed. Anonymous Staff Member. The university administration's history of CSU Monterey Bay starkly contrasts with the experiences many members of the campus community have had: that of a campus of broken promises, vindictive suppression of the outspoken, and an empty commitment to its Vision Statement. This history, a people's history, seeks to show that other perspective: that marginalized voice, that silenced student, that disappeared professor. This project is an attempt to document a "people's history"-a chronicling of struggles, movements, moments, and acts of resistance against decisions and actions perpetrated by a university administration that often marginalized and silenced members of the campus community and undermined the spirit of the university Vision Statement. This is a story, a history, and a tactics guide for the campus community. The stories collected for this project came from interviews, emails, letters, articles, and dissertations. This a collection of voices lifted from forgotten letters, taken from seditious pamphlets, mined from whispers and rumors, taken from names etched onto sidewalks with chalk, words ripped through the air from a bullhorn. Each voice, whether it's a whisper from the disappeared or a cry from the ignored, joins this swelling chorus of voices that collectively rises to say once more, you will not write us off.


Capstone Project (B.A.) Division of Humanities and Communication