Document Type

Capstone Project (Campus-Only Access)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Health, Human Services and Public Policy


Collaborative Health and Human Services


Monarch Services is a nonprofit organization in Santa Cruz County that helps survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Violence can affect all people regardless of age, sex, socioeconomical status, and legal status. That is why Monarch Services strives to put an end to all violence in our community by empowering individuals, families, and communities to act against violence and abuse. Their mission is to have people's lives be free from violence and abuse. Some contributing factors to increased violence in our community are culture and substance abuse. This can cause a great toll on a survivor's mental health and in some cases can ultimately lead to death or injury. This capstone focuses on strengthening the current prevention team at Monarch Services by creating a training manual for all future interns, volunteers, and staff. This assures all onboarding team members receive proper training on all agency services and related topics. It is recommended that the training manual be revised once a year and updated as necessary to keep all information accurate and up to date.

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