Document Type

Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Health, Human Services and Public Policy


Social Work


Abstract Historically, rural South Monterey County has experienced many social determinants depriving community members of accessing mental health services, substance use disorder services, employment services, housing, and health care services that impact one’s ability to refrain from criminal activity resulting in incarceration. Proposition 47, known as the No Zip Code Left Behind Project, is funded in the form of a state grant which is required to be awarded to collaborative partnered agencies: Motivating Individual Leadership Through Public Advancement (MILPA), the Public Defender's Office, Behavioral Health, Goodwill, Housing Resource Center (HRC), Sobering Center, Sun Street substance use disorder treatment, and Sober Living Environment housing that provides specialty mental health services, substance use disorder treatment, housing, and diversion programs for those in the criminal justice system. The project's purpose and expected outcomes are to decrease nonviolent drug offenders' risks for repeat offenses and treat behavioral health disorders among people with co-occurring conditions, to reduce the need for more frequent and costly hospitalizations, entitlement benefits, and supportive services by utilizing a community-based solution to improve public safety. Qualitative and quantitative data collection methods are utilized to examine, evaluate, and analyze the effectiveness of a community-based intervention. The most important findings conclude that the grantees have made substantial progress in implementing the project activities and producing the expected outputs as established in the project’s theory of change. Monterey County will continue to address and tackle regional inequality and disparities to expand the supportive network of services through innovation that will keep people struggling with mental illness and substance use disorders out of the criminal justice system.