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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Liberal Studies


Liberal Studies


The focus issue addressed in this Capstone Project is improving women in STEMs experience in higher education. This is important because improving women in STEMs experience will lead to more women in the male dominated STEM fields. An argument is made that it is important to provide more women in STEM fields for better representation in order to encourage young girls to pursue higher education in STEM. The primary stakeholder perspectives chosen were women who are currently majoring in STEM at a four year University because they have direct experience being in STEM classes. Three action options emerged from an analysis of the data and explored as ways to address the issue presented. Mandating educators and teachers assistants to complete gender and racial bias awareness training is argued to be the most effective way to achieve the goal of improving women in STEMs experience in higher education to increase the amount of women in STEM fields in the future.