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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Human Development & Family Science


My capstone project focuses on teaching three year olds how to regulate their emotions. According to Parsafar and Davis, “emotional regulation refers to the set of processes involved in the way emotions are experienced and responded to” (2019, p 1935). There is a need for emotion regulation instruction for 3-year-olds because many 3-year-olds are having a difficult time regulating their emotions during a conflict with their peers. I have developed a set of lessons that will address this need by teaching 3 year olds different emotional faces, calming techniques, and ways to redirect their attention. The 3 year olds executive function skills are not fully developed which can cause lack of self control. It is vital to teach children from a young age to regulate their emotions because these skills will remain useful throughout their growth. For example, understanding how to regulate emotions can become very beneficial towards conflict resolutions with peers. The participants for this project will be three year olds who attend The Secret Garden Preschool located in La Selva, California. These children will be given three lessons with the goal in mind that these three year olds will be able to correctly identify three emotions using an emotional face chart, use one of the self calming techniques by demonstrating them during pretend scenarios, and they will be able to demonstrate how to redirect their attention after an angry conflict is solved. Each lesson will take place on separate days in order to allow the children to have enough time to do the activities that correlate to each lesson.