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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Human Development & Family Science


Human Development & Family Science


My capstone project focuses on parents with preschool-aged children. At this age, children feel their emotions before they can recognize what they mean, and it is difficult for them to self-regulate their emotions. Executive function abilities, as well as language abilities, are some of the potential reasons for the difficulties. Research has demonstrated that the first five years of life are crucial for children's emotional development. According to Chronis-Tuscano et al. (2016), to be able to regulate emotions and respond to them effectively, the use of executive functioning skills as well as several cognitive processors are required. Also, as Chronis-Tuscano stated, even though social-emotional development gets better with the maturity of cognitive and neurological systems, parents play an essential and important role in helping their children’s ability to regulate emotions effectively. In addition, children from immigrant families have unusual development challenges and opportunities due to their multilingual and multicultural backgrounds. This can make it difficult for children to verbalize their feelings, resulting in inappropriate behavior. For this reason, educating Hispanic immigrant parents about young children’s emotional development is essential. This workshop was geared specifically towards Hispanic immigrant parents with preschool children ages three to five. This two-day workshop focused on informing parents how to teach their children to identify their emotions, learn how to name the emotions they are feeling and show their children how to regulate emotions through different techniques. The information was delivered in Spanish. The workshop occurred at Virginia Rocca Barton Elementary School belonging to the Alisal Union School District which is located on the east side of Salinas, CA.