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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Human Development & Family Science


This capstone project focuses on the development of self-regulation skills in a first grade class. Self-regulation is an individual's capacity to comprehend and control their behaviors, emotions, and thoughts (Bockmann & Yu, 2022). Self-regulation abilities influence a child's academic performance. For example, some school age children get easily distracted from one activity to another, struggle to follow directions, and find it difficult to regulate their feelings, which can seriously create difficulties in their learning capabilities. Therefore , there is a need for self-regulation strategies to be taught to young school age children. By improved emotional control, students with higher self-regulation can obtain higher grades (Montroy et al., 2016). Also, increasing children’s self-regulation skills helps create a safe and positive environment in the classroom; thus, the children will feel more motivated to learn and complete their tasks. This project addressed three areas of self-regulation: emotional, behavioral, and environmental. This capstone project provided 3 lessons for first grade children to increase their self-regulation skills. The lessons were presented in Salinas at the Montebella Elementary School with a first grade, bilingual English and Spanish class where students are mostly of Mexican descent.