Document Type

Capstone Project (Open Access)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Visual & Public Arts

First Advisor

Whitney Aguiniga

Second Advisor

Angelica Muro


Experience Bobo Experience -by Sara Marie Smith (Artist Statements and Images of work)

Spring 2018-CSUMB Undergraduate Capstone Project/ Visual Public Arts Department

My Senior Capstone is about using inspirational wisdom from acknowledged sources to address the quandaries of our human experiences. I have chosen a cognitive clown, named Bobo, to investigate Henry David Thoreau, Jack Kerouac, and Allen Watts. Bobo, my character, goes on a journey of learning. Bobo is a line drawing, rendered in marker, with a circular head, two dot eyes, three puffs of hair with a clown smile and clown clothing. Experience Bobo Experience speaks to viewers who have struggled with adult situations of frustration, disillusionment, and spiritual fatigue and youth may be attracted to the joyous and playful aesthetic.

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