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Capstone Project

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Liberal Studies


Children with Special Needs can benefit from having opportunities to "Play" and participate in structured activities. There are not enough "youth development agencies" providing services for children with Special Needs. There is a need for comprehensive afterschool recreation programs in Monterey County and activities for special need youths. The project will demonstrate the benefits of social inclusion at the BGCMC, the importance and demand for a similar program for special needs children in Monterey County. The research and workshop will specifically be centered on special needs children ages 6-15 years of age and typical members, who are currently attending the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County (BGCMC). The workshop will help the atypical members to better understand disabilities etiquette and diversity awareness. The Workshop will focus on how to interact with special needs members, having a thorough knowledge of different disabilities, by having an inclusion expert speak at the workshop and group activities. Also, a resource binder will be created for BCGMC staff, who would appreciate further information on the benefits of inclusion, disabilities and awareness.


Capstone Project (B.A.) Liberal Studies Department

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