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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Teacher Education


The purpose of this research was to explore how direct positive feedback influences students’ homework completion rate and achievement on test scores. Based on the motivation theory in education (Brophy, 1999) and Choice Theory (Glasser, 1998), both positive support and encouragement were provided in a high school science classroom to determine the effects on student achievement. This research compared the achievement of two groups of high school students taught under two different feedback conditions by the same 10th grade geology instructor. Student achievement was measured on each of three assignments and on pre-test/post-test performance. The results indicated significant improvement in student achievement on homework assignments when the instructor provided direct positive feedback. However, the result of the AnCOVA test achievement levels did not show a significant difference between the experimental and comparison groups.


Thesis (M.A.) Teacher Education Department

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