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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Teacher Education


This action research study examined how to enhance the quality and the quantity of involvement of Head Start parents in their child's preschool education, including children with learning challenges. This study presented age-appropriate science activities to parents with some ideas on ways to use homemade materials to support preschoolers with early science learning. Procedures involved eight pre-workshop interview questions answered by five Head Start families, and two one-hour science parent workshops that offered ideas on methods parents can expand and enrich preschoolers learning opportunities. Data collection concluded with eight post-workshop interview questions answered by the same five volunteer Head Start families. An effective science program called Head Start on Science was selected for the workshops as it offered strategies for building connections between the family and the preschool classroom through science. The process used, further facilitated parent involvement inside of the preschool classroom once parents were provided with the materials and skills to help their child. Parents understood and valued the important role they play in their child's education. The impact of this action research project includes: a) Parents became more involved in the preschool education of their children through the guidance and support of educators; b) There was a positive impact of parental involvement in the education of preschoolers and improved relationships among the teaching staff, parents, and preschool children; c) Findings suggest that age-appropriate hands-on science activities facilitate the learning process of preschool children including those with learning challenges.


Thesis (M.A.) Teacher Education Department

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