Spring 5-19-2016

Document Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Liberal Studies

First Advisor

Miguel Lopez


This project is an acto (play) that reflects the lives of a cohort of high school and college Latina/o students, community educators, and parents/grandparents as they move across the multiple roles of student, reader, educator, writer, actor, spectator, and director. Building on a series of pláticas (community dialogues) and the critical reading of Guadalupe McCall’s Under the mesquite and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz’ La respuesta (The answer), the acto speaks to the choques culturales (cultural conflicts) that often emerge as Latinas pursue educación and education. Grounded in the feminist elements Cruz’ and McCall’s writings and the everyday sabiduría (wisdom) from members of the community pláticas, the acto provide Latinas, who are raised to be una buena hija (a good daughter), with voz (voice) that can serve as a model of how educación emerges from the community, moves from page to the stage, and back to the community.


The author does not want this work to be used for teaching or research purposes (or in any other ways).

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