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Throughout the history of the United States, racial disparity has been rampant. This is especially true in relation to the population of people of color imprisoned in the U.S. My paper discusses the racial inequality in America, especially that of African Americans, and how people of color have been unjustly treated in a historically racist and unjust system. Special emphasis has been given to the portrayal of African Americans in the media and how presidential rhetoric and agendas have harmed communities of color.

Course and Instructor

HCOM 214, Dr. Lee Ritscher


systemic racism, incarceration, presidential rhetoric


I received an email from the CSUMB Provost's office about the award. I originally wrote the paper in 2017, and revised it before submitting.

[2021 Winner] Incarceration as a New Age Form of Slavery For People of Color And Racism in the United States