HCOM 434: Creative Publishing and Critical Storytelling, Spring 2021

Our course built upon student skills as writers, artists, researchers and critical thinkers to witness the historic events of 2020 and 2021. In this year of immense change, our class worked to process our experiences while envisioning potential futures. In an effort to make meaning from the pandemic, wildfires, racial justice initiatives, political upheaval, and shift to online learning, we examined creative modes of publication. We reflected and responded, building a collective assemblage of the future we hope to create. We referred to this as The After. Each week we reviewed artwork, published writing, podcasts, infographics and immersive multimedia experiences, then crafted individual responses practicing the media or thematic areas we explored. We therefore developed a portfolio of work that showcases our creativity in critical exploration of these contemporary topics and public issues. This exhibit is a sampling of our products. It also includes podcasts developed in Fall 2020, by HCOM 432S: Social Action Writing, that documented the lives of various community members while they navigated the pandemic.


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