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Spring 3-8-2022

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Human Communication

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HCOM 312, HCOM 120, or any writing class

Context of Activity or Assignment

This assignment can be used as a precursor to a writing assignment such as a Research paper, a Position paper, an Argument, a response to a reading, a Round Table collaborative presentation or any suitable genre of writing. This is a follow-up in-class assignment after supporting material has been gathered as homework. Students bring their homework of supporting materials to class, and in groups share their materials to establish authenticity, relevance and credibility of the claim/premises of the argument / content.

Purpose of Activity or Assignment

To identify a variety of reliable sources to support / strengthen claims and research, to understand how supporting materials lead to reasonable inferences and provide authentic strength to a claim (analysis), and finally to learn accurate citations.

Potential Pitfalls and Teaching Tips

Common pitfalls are inaccurate citations can result unintentional plagiarism. It is important to teach students to synthesize information, that is, connect relevant information to make a point.

Activity / Assignment Type

Case Study

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Undergraduate Learning Outcome

ULO 1: Intellectual Skills

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Use of Supporting Materials