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Irene Tayag Laut is one of the original members of the Auntie Sewing Squad. She is a part of the 1.5 generation of Filipino immigrant children that came to the United States in the 1970’s. She currently resides in San Diego and works in the field of mental health. She dedicates her spare time to helping others by sewing masks for underserved communities during this time of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thematic Summary

[00:00:31.810]: Irene Tayag Laut discusses her life growing up in America, her career, family, and how the pandemic affected her life. [00:22:40.440]: She talks about the beginning of the Auntie Sewing Squad how it has changed her life for the better. [00:36:10.350]: Irene talks about how the formation of the Auntie Sewing Squad was pretty smooth sailing, but there were challenges when it came to obtaining the materials. [00:39:36.100]: She talks about how being in the Auntie Sewing Squad has formed friendships and strong bonds. [00:45:53.840]: Laut concludes by stating how the Auntie Sewing Squad has impacted her life and how it has saved her from all the chaos and depressing moments that have happened this year.

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Lauryn Watkins; Ashley Hubert

Interview with Irene Tayag Laut



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