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Judith Evind was born in 1958 and raised in San Francisco CA. Her grandparents migrated from Ireland and Norway. Growing up, she was involved in different organizations from girl scouts to Anti-War marches. She was a dressmaker for 17 years after obtaining her college degree and now works in immunology.

Thematic Summary

In this interview, Gina Dashiell and Estrella McDaniel interviewed Judith Evind, a member of the Auntie Sewing Squad (ASS), and a San Franciscan. The first section of this interview consists of early life in San Francisco and organizations that she was a part of (02:25). The next section covers her career choices, from dressmaking right out of college, to working for UCSF in more than one capacity, ending up in immunology (17:50). The third section looks at what sparked her to join ASS (24:15). The fourth section digs into the changes in her views and feelings over time (26:38). In the final section, we discuss her grandmother's death during the 1918 pandemic and how that might have influenced her decision to join the ASS (31:00).

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Gina Dashiell; Estrella McDaniel

Interview with Judith Evind



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