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Mai-Linh Hong is a Vietnamese American woman, she was born in Vietnam and grew up near Washington D.C. Hong is an author, editor, and Assistant Professor of Literature at UC Merced. Prior to joining the Auntie Sewing Squad, she ran an Etsy shop and its proceeds went to anti-racist and feminist organizations. As an Auntie, she actively donates masks but is also currently co-editing the Auntie Sewing Squad’s new book.

Thematic Summary

(00:00:00) Mai-Linh Hong discusses her childhood and what it was like growing up just outside of the DC area. (00:07:06) Hong shares a bit about her writing both academic and personal as well as her current book project on refugee storytelling. (00:10:00) She discusses when she learned to sew and how she has used sewing to support anti-racist and feminist organizations. (00:16:33) Hong talks about her Etsy shop and how she decided on donating the proceeds to anti-racist and feminist organizations. (00:23:06) She talks about how she realized early on in the pandemic that there was a need for masks and how she started sewing them to help out. (00:29:00) Finally, she talks about what she thinks is the most interesting part of the Auntie Sewing Squad: its humorous and caring culture.

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Edna Ruiz; Lucia Neal

Interview with Mai-Linh Hong



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