Document Type

Capstone Project (Open Access)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Music & Performing Arts


Music, Emphasis in Recording Technology

First Advisor

Jeffrey Jones

Second Advisor

Lanier Sammons


Research in managing memory for video game audio development. Interactive music and audio implementation are explored with a strong focus on how to manage data while developing game sound. Some concepts that are important include the multi-use of one sound, file conversion, and randomization in music and audio using technology. Additionally, audio middleware such as Wwise is referenced and strongly used to showcase the previously described concepts. The end of this research project explores the future in video game audio with information relative to the next generation of consoles, video game streaming, physical memory limitations and expansions, and the future of technology related to these topics.


Below is a link to the website for the video game we created. The game is titled "Kiko," and is available to download on Mac or Windows platforms. Additional information including the game's story, controls, and video media are all on the website.

Additional Files

Kiko (Mac) (629531 kB)
Kiko - Mac

Kiko (Windows).zip (402143 kB)
Kiko - Windows