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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Health, Human Services and Public Policy


Collaborative Health & Human Services- Community Health


Background: As the United States becomes a more racially diverse country, particular challenges face specific demographics of people. The practical and policy ideas to address the disparities of race/ethnicity, gender, or age. While entrepreneurial startup activity is on the rise, some particular entrepreneurs remain underrepresented. Entrepreneurs of minority, including race, gender, and age, continue to have lower rates of entrepreneurship than their White men counterparts do. The barriers of entrepreneurship among minority people and outcomes are particular challenges and influenced by a combination of factors. Such as family, education, and availability of financial and social support. However, not many studies have been conducted in the Monterey Bay Region, consisting of Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties in the central coast of California, just south of the San Francisco Bay area. Limitations in the research significantly contribute to our lack of understanding of the potential intertwining of factors that likely influences startup-related outcomes among minorities in the Monterey Bay Region.

Purpose:In this study, we aim to understand the demographic background of the entrepreneurs of the Institute for Innovation and Economic Development. To investigate the institute’s program sources of platform utilization of the Monterey Region's entrepreneurs by using demographic background and platform sources. This project aims to improve the ability of policymakers and service providers to assist in the planning and implementation of services that meet the diverse entrepreneurial needs of the local population—ensuring that all groups have equal access to entrepreneurship programs.

Methods:In this exploratory study, we conducted 62 entrepreneurial surveys to investigate the demographic factors, including gender, age, racial group (White & non-White), and education level. To identify the relationship of entrepreneurs by different backgrounds and the source of platform utilization that they are used to gathering from the Institute for Innovation & Economic Development’s programs.

Conclusion:This paper reveals the relationship between existing challenges from different demographic backgrounds and various platform sources of information on entrepreneurial drive among minority entrepreneurs and the impact of business growth in the Monterey Bay Region. Institute for Innovation & Economic Development could strengthen the market on the school and teacher platform. Additionally, they could collaborate with other related institutes and help them do propaganda among the business ecosystem.