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Judy Heyboer was born in Southern California and had very active liberal parents which led to her involvement in politics and activism. She is a public school teacher of 30 years. As a bilingual elementary teacher, she has taught transitional kindergarten through third grade and is now teaching special ed. She first became involved with sewing and mutual aid when she joined Afghans for Afghans, which made warm winter clothing and blankets for people in Afghanistan. In the Auntie Sewing Squad, Judy sews masks.

Thematic Summary

[00:00:50.08] Judy Heyboer discusses her background and how she is actively involved with politics. [00:09:11.25] She talks about the different organizations that she has worked with, including Afghans for Afghans and Knitted Knockers. [00:16:18.08] She goes into detail about her education and her profession. [00:25:38.01] She describes an organization that helps with arthritis research. [00:42:23.10] She then closes out the interview with giving advice on how to be involved in politics.

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Clarissa Perez; Johnnie Urquidi

Interview with Judy Heyboer



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