About Writing Waves

Mission Statement

The Writing Waves Academic Journal, created fall 2019, is a compilation of submissions from first-year students and edited by upper-division students with the goal of promoting student activism and the usage of multiple genres in first-year composition. Whether it be personal narratives, research essays, critical analyses, or creative works, the goals of showcasing student works are to serve as both resume-building opportunities (for both authors and editors), and a chance to learn ways to improve writing skills. By having the journal built up by the authors and their editors, both parties learn about constructive criticism, cooperative leadership, and most importantly - working as a team.


The Writing Waves editors would like to thank CSUMB's School of Humanities and Communication (HCOM), Communication Across the Disciplines (CAD), HCOM Chair Dr. Sam Robinson, CSUMB's College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHSS) Dean Dr. Ilene Feinman and Associate Dean Dr. Andrew Drummond, John Brady and Ryne Leuzinger from the CSUMB library, and cover artists Victoria Corsetti & Angela Steele, and logo artist Faye "Nana" Mensah.

About the Artists

Cover artists Victoria Corsetti & Angela Steele - Volume 2 Issue 2

Victoria Corsetti is a budding animation artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area who loves motorcycles, sushi, and polar bears. 10 years from now, Corsetti plans on being a storyboard artist for a hit animated series. To see more of Corsetti’s exceptional art, check out her art Twitter, @thebluebear27.

Angela is currently a student-athlete on the CSUMB water polo team. She enjoys photography, traveling, and nature. Her favorite hobbies are hiking and playing with her cat, Ziggy. Her future career goals include either environmental journalism or environmental advocacy. To see her photography, follow her Instagram account, @steeleoutside.

Cover artist Taylor VanSant - Volume 1 Issue 1

Cover artist Taylor VanSant is a third-year student at CSUMB. She majors in Human Communications with a concentration in Creative Writing and Social Action. Follow her Instagram, @girlwhohugstrees.

Logo artist Faye "Nana" Mensah:

She’s silly, hair curly, she loves a good beat; Being artistic with her own special feats. She travels, she travels, she loves to explore; Majoring in Multimedia opens a whole new door. Music Animating left and right She has two minors But no car to ride. You can catch her writing Or watching anime Call her Faye-Faye Or Nana, either way. Say hello to Faye-aye-aye-aye Mensah