Aims & Scope


When we created Writing Waves, we wanted it to be different than the normal academic journal. Here are some of our goals:

  • Create a culture of recognizing the writing at CSUMB
  • Maintain the authenticity of authors' voices in their writing by only minimally editing pieces for clarity
  • Provide an opportunity to make publishing more accessible to students
  • Celebrate the writing and writers of CSUMB's first-year composition classes
  • Showcase the writing, artwork, and mixed media of CSUMB's entire student body
  • Serve as a reference for students as they progress in their academic writing careers
  • Introduce a publishing and editing practicum to upper-division students
  • Building mentoring relationships between authors and editors
  • Have this journal serve as not only a journal, but as a textbook for college classes
  • Showcase student-driven research
  • Celebrate Writing Waves alumni by highlighting past editors' work during milestone years for the publication